About Hannah

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My varied professional history includes public health research, feminist oral history projects, climate change, and women’s empowerment. Though these seem to be quite different, they are all connected by a commitment to justice, equality, and empowerment. Meaning and progress are the most important things for me when I’m thinking aboutContinue reading “About Hannah”

Community Engagement & Volunteering

Being engaged in my community and the world is very important to me. As often as I can, I try to get out and volunteer with organizations I believe in. Below are a few of the more meaningful volunteer experiences I’ve had. Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) October 2013 – present I started volunteering withContinue reading “Community Engagement & Volunteering”

Professional Development & Strengths

One of the things I find most rewarding is mentoring. For at least ten years, people have sought me out for advice on personal and professional challenges. I have helped students navigate college, young women advocate for themselves at work, and colleagues recognize strengths to be more effective at their jobs. I have almost alwaysContinue reading “Professional Development & Strengths”