Writing Samples

I really enjoy writing. It’s something I’m hoping to do more of in my next position. I am often asked for writing samples so I’ve provided a few below. I purposely have included several samples of different tones and styles to provide an idea of my ability to communicate for different audiences.

The National WIC Association announced a dissolution of relationships with infant formula manufacturers in September 2016. I wrote the press release and an additional response about what the announcement means.

Four Ways to Fit in Exercise, Even if You’re Insanely Busy on Verily

Let’s Exercise Because We Love our Bodies, Not Because We Hate Them on Verily

I’m Ready for Hillary published by Bustle

What Should You Say to Someone Who’s Grieving? on Bustle, this is an honest, somewhat funny telling of my experience following my dad’s sudden death.

It’s Been Quite a Year! This is the first email blast Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) sent to our full list.

Women’s Sexual Autonomy as a Foundation for Other Rights – This is an excerpt from a paper I wrote as a grad student about why reproductive autonomy is absolutely essential for equality and progress. It was written with a partner but this excerpt is completely my work. 

Theological Responses to Climate Change – This is fairly long for a writing sample, but combines two things that really interest me: religion and climate. This was written for my last graduate class at American University’s School of International Service in the spring of 2014.

Christian Forgiveness in the Context of Post-Apartheid South Africa – This is a very brief excerpt from a longer paper I wrote in a class on a peace and religion. Again, this combines two of my biggest interests: peace and religion. I initially went to grad school with the goal of studying the role religion plays in conflict, and conflict reconciliation and peace building. This paper focuses quite heavily on the work of Desmond Tutu, one of the many figures that has influenced my thinking on the topic.

I also write a blog about Fitness, Food, and Feminism called Hannah in DC. A few of my favorite posts are Why I Started, 100 Things I’ve Learned Running, Strong is the new skinny: just another form of body shaming?, and Run for SEW.



Published by HannahinDC

I live in DC and write about fitness, food, and feminism.

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