Also known as all those questions that take up time at the beginning of interviews.

So are you working now? Yes! I’m doing communications at the National WIC Association (NWA). At NWA, I manage all of the organization’s communications activities, including managing a several million dollar, multi-year advertising campaign, and creating and leading social media training workshops across the country.

Why are you in DC? When I was 13 years old my dad brought me on a trip to Washington, DC. I decided that week that I would move here. As I wanted to study international studies in some way in grad school, DC was the obvious choice for me. One day, on a long lonely car trip, I decided that there was no reason to wait for grad school to move to DC. Five weeks later, I packed up my car and moved. I’ve now been in DC for nearly six years and I’m ready to move on.

How did you learn Spanish? When I was 16 years old I decided that I was going to be an exchange student. Somehow, my mom knew this before I even told her (are moms actually psychic?). About a year later, I packed my bags and headed to Peru. Being a super bright 17 year old, I assumed I knew Spanish. After all, I’d done the equivalent of four years of high school Spanish. How foolish I was. Within a couple months of living in a small town on the southern coast of Peru, I was mostly up to speed. Nothing like being thrown into the deep end with a life jacket! In college I studied Latin American literature, so the majority of my classes were in Spanish and I actively sought out opportunities to speak Spanish as often as I could.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? The most obvious answer here is running. I’ve completed 2 marathons, 8 half marathons, a sprint and 3 olympic triathlon. I also enjoy cooking and baking, have an obsession with thinking about my next house renovation, I have an adorable and annoying puppy I love playing with and I am always thinking about my next book or writing project. Have book suggestions for me?


Published by HannahinDC

I live in DC and write about fitness, food, and feminism.

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