About Hannah

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My varied professional history includes public health research, feminist oral history projects, climate change, and women’s empowerment. Though these seem to be quite different, they are all connected by a commitment to justice, equality, and empowerment. Meaning and progress are the most important things for me when I’m thinking about what I’d like to do and the direction I’d like my life to take.

I have an MA in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from the School of International Service at American University. This program is very human-rights heavy and my personal research throughout the program regularly focused on the intersection of social issues and religion.

I am available for freelance content creation, writing, website, and social media strategy work. Please contact me for more information, rates, references, and samples.

In my free time, I enjoy training for half marathons, marathons, and triathlons. I’ve previously been a group exercise instructor and love pushing people and helping them achieve goals. My commitment to fitness is tied to my interest in public health and empowerment. I’ve volunteered with Girls on the Run to teach young girls about the benefits of running for personal worth, self-esteem, and empowerment. My commitment to empowering girls and women shows through my professional, academic and volunteer experience.

Below I’ve listed some of the specific issues, causes, and topics that interest me:

peace, women’s rights, gender, climate, race, violence, economic inequality, reproductive rights, food systems and safety, conflict resolution, progressive faith-based work, education, development, international relations, immigration, violence prevention, civil rights, children’s rights, public health, health education

So, what am I looking for in a career?

meaning, autonomy, potential for growth, opportunities for professional development, committed coworkers, flexibility, accountability, outside-the-box thinking, positive leadership, opportunities to write


Published by HannahinDC

I live in DC and write about fitness, food, and feminism.

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