“Hannah and I worked together on WIC’s national campaign. She is organized, smart and always 10 steps ahead. She always went above and beyond and was instrumental in the success of launching the campaign. She is a natural at building relationships and a pleasure to work with. I was always impressed with Hannah’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor.”

Taryn Guillermo, Sales Director

“Hannah might well be one of the most diligent and organized people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. With a keen eye towards creating efficient systems, Hannah’s winning combination of skills and smarts catapulted’s capacity to expand to truly global, multi-lingual work.”

Jon Warnow, Digital Director

“Ms. Shultz’s energy level encourages others to work with a smile on their face and give 100% or more all the time. Others enjoyed working with her and her positive attitude was contagious.

“She did a nice job prioritizing work when there was way too much to do. She is able to organize work to help make sure that stressful situations do not happen. Ms. Shultz is also flexible, so that when emergencies happen she is able to adjust.

“She is the type of person who checks in to provide an update of where she is…Regularly she would come to me having already contemplated the next steps we needed to take in a project and what the challenges would be. Usually she would outline possible options to avoid or overcome the potential challenges.”

Dr. Natoshia Askelson, Associate Research Scientist
The Center for Health Communication and Social Marketing at the University of Iowa

“Hannah Shultz is one of those rare persons who can organize, prioritize and execute the myriad micro details of projects and programs while keeping the macro picture, mission and goals in mind. I have found Hannah to be creative, collaborative, an excellent problem solver, a self-starter and equally good team member. Her knowledge and experience with social media and web design has benefitted our organization greatly. Hannah is equally comfortable with IT or personal interactions.”

Anne Marie Gardiner, Executive Director
Salvadoran Enterprises for Women, Inc.

“Hannah is a joy to work with for many reasons. She is pleasant, yet focused and task oriented, which means she gets the job done without drama. Hannah also takes initiative and is constantly thinking about how the work can be carried out better. She is strategic and logical.”

Payal Parekh, Global Managing Director


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