Professional Experience

This is where you get some of the exciting details of the organizations I’ve worked with and the projects I’ve worked on! I’m fortunate to have a varied and exciting work history, full of projects and organizations I value and believe in. I’d love to talk more about this experience and, be warned, I may be a bit giddy to talk about some things. A somewhat-more-traditional pdf resume is available here.

Communications, Media & Marketing Coordinator
Where? The National WIC Association
When? June 2015 – present
What is the org? The National WIC Association provides advocacy and education for the WIC program.
What did I do there? My fingers are in lots of pots, from social media to outreach to layout and design to preparing conference materials.
My favorite thing? Let’s check back once I’m more settled. 🙂

Digital Media Consultant
Where? Daughters of Wisdom, The Love Your Neighbor Coalition, Church Women United
When? Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
What did I do there? I worked with these orgs to think about online communications strategically. I also reviewed, critiqued and recommended changes to their websites and current social media use. I help the Love Your Neighbor Coalition plan and create their website.
My favorite thing? I enjoyed sharing my experience to talk about the community’s goals and present some new or slightly different ideas.

Translation and Multilingual Content Coordinator
When? February 2012 – September 2013
What is the org? From their website: “ is building a global climate movement. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.”
What did I do there? I was the puppet master that oversaw the organization’s non-English online content from the website to email blasts to subtitling videos and translating infographics. This included recruiting, hiring, and managing translators working from as many as five continents. I identified holes in our multilingual work. I was the manager and coordinator for large translation projects that could include anywhere from 4 to 10 languages, using volunteer and paid translators. I also transitioned the organization to a web-based translation tool to improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency.
My favorite thing? I worked with people on at least four continents on a daily basis, the diversity of my colleagues taught me a lot about the world, organizing, and really challenged my perspective on many things.

Where? The Global Feminisms Project at the University of Michigan
When? August 2011 – April 2012
What is it? The Global Feminisms Project is a super awesome project that conducted oral histories with women  in China, Poland, India, the United States, and Nicaragua.
What did I do? I came on toward the end of the project. All of the countries were completed except Nicaragua. I joined to transcribe, translate, and annotate interviews with Nicaraguan feminist activists, many of whom had been combatants during the Revolution. I also reviewed transcripts and translations completed by others, and provided cultural and historic background to the staff.
My favorite thing? I had studied the Nicaraguan Revolution but not from a feminist perspective. The interviews were fascinating, from a woman who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize to the first woman to serve on the supreme court, their lives are fascinating and gave me a different history of Nicaragua.

Bilingual Research Assistant
Where? The Center for Health Communication and Social Marketing at the University of Iowa College of Public Health
When? September 2009 – May 2011
What is it? The Center for Health Communication and Social Marketing does a variety of research and communications campaigning for improved public health. I worked on two projects with the Center: The Iowa Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies, and Working to Implement Sexuality Education (WISE).
What did I do? I was initially brought on for a weekend of data collection and ended up staying on for a couple years. I recruited, trained, and managed a bilingual team of interviewers, transcribers, and translators. We complete data collections and outreach across the state of Iowa including structured and semi-structured interviews in person and by phone, and surveys. I organized the transcription, translation, and review of 150 hours of radio programming. Later, I participated in the coding of the interviews.
My favorite thing? This position taught me a lot about leadership and management. I learned how to motivate staff, set expectations, boundaries, and guidelines; plan medium-term projects; and, perhaps most importantly, be clear and direct when I knew I made mistakes.

Bilingual Research Assistant
Where? The Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa
When? February 2010 – July 2010
What is it? An interdisciplinary research center that focuses on issues that impact daily life.
What did I do? I organized and recruited for 18 focus groups conducted in English and Spanish across the state of Iowa. We were interested in how mothers made decisions about their pre-school children’s dental care. I prepared the facilitators for the meetings, and oversaw all details of the focus groups from location to travel to food and incentives. Once they were completed, I transcribed, translated (if necessary), and coded all of the focus groups.
My favorite thing? I enjoyed figuring out all the puzzle pieces of each focus group, it really seemed like an accomplishment each time a focus group finished!


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